The Story
Concealed is a story about the Djinn and a love that should have never been. Concealed tells a tale of an unusual sixteen-year-old orphan, Bijou Fitzroy, who can see the Djinn through their human shells. Djinn – meaning “to hide” or “to be hidden” – are sometimes hostile creatures with a wide array of powers that include granting wishes, so be careful what you wish for because it might just come true… The story takes place in the sleepy suburb of modern-day Sykesville, Maryland. What once used to be a quiet town, now has become a town filled with paranormal secrets and strange unnatural activity. Upon Bijou’s arrival in this town with her nomadic grandmother- who doesn’t look old enough to be anyone’s grandmother – the local inhabitants begin disappearing. Bijou finds herself caught in the mystery of these missing people and has foretelling dreams of disappearances. Bijou also has dreams at night of a mysterious faceless boy – a boy that she was never meant to have loved or fall in love with, the same boy whose mysterious behavior leads her to think that he may not be who he seems and wonders how he is also linked to the locals disappearing. Bijou finds herself wanting to know more about this boy, about the town, and about herself as she journeys through the next few months uncovering the Djinn’s secrets and ends up learning about things that she might have not wanted to know or that she never could have imagined existed.

The Review
This book was a gift to me by the author herself. THANKS SANG!!
With life being as busy as it can get, it took me a few weeks and it wasn’t until the Christmas holiday break when I finally had a chance to sit down and read Concealed. Before I started to read, I had a bit of background knowledge as to Sang’s Concealed story and what the Djinn are. You can get a background story of Concealed at http://www.sangkromah.com. It seemed like an interesting topic and one that very few authors have ever written about. Like most young adult fiction, it starts out with a teenage girl who, like most adolescents, feel lost and are trying to figure out “the purpose” to life’s monotony. Did I mention that a little romance with a mysterious boy was involved too!

Before I started reading, I had my biases and conceptions of this book being “another YA paranormal romance type book” and expected as much. I was right that it is another YA paranormal romance novel, but it also felt like more. There was mystery and intrigue to keep me interested throughout and I felt like I always wanted to know what’s next, what’s going to happen?! I was sucked into the story right from the start! I started with the first page and literally couldn’t put it down. This book caused some sleep deprivation and I have to admit, it was so good I finished it in three days time. It would have been sooner but responsibilities called and I had to tear myself away from the book to tend to the family. But as soon as I could, I picked it back up and read from cover to cover until the last sentence and gasped.

The story is good. The plot, even all its paranormal activity is believable and the characters are relatable. You wanted to love and help Bijou, suspect her grandmother, beat Sebastian until he came to his senses and really hate Mandy for how evil she could be. Above all, you felt as if no one was exempt from being a suspect and their motives for acting the way they did. If you can feel strongly about book characters then you know you will love this book. Too bad the book wasn’t longer because I still wanted to find out what happens next. Guess, like all readers, I must anxiously wait for the next installment to this Concealed series.

Dear Sang, when is the next book coming out? I’m not sure I can wait that long to find out what happens. By the way, I loved Bastian but I find my thoughts slowing leaking towards Niko. What’s up with that!? Congrats and cheers to you on your debut novel and I’m looking forward to reading what happens next.


Reaching Riverdale

Annebelle Roth has just finished her MBA program in New York and has come home to Riverdale for a week to visit her family before leaving to pursue her career in Atlanta. She ends up staying past a week while finding herself drawn a stranger who she just met at the local library and helping an old friend who used to own the bakery in town. Most of all she finds that she can’t seem to let go of high school sweetheart Riley Parker as the thought of him still sends shivers throughout her whole body making her melt to the pavement where she stands. She’s torn between creating an extraordinary life for herself in Atlanta but can’t resist the attraction towards the present life she is experiencing now in Riverdale. Annebelle keeps reminding herself that this stay in Riverdale is temporary but will she be able to leave or will all this stranger, her old friend, and her high school sweetheart have the pull to make her want to stay forever?

Very reminiscent of Nicholas Sparks novels. If you are a Nicholas Sparks fan then you will definitely like this book as I did. I started reading one night and didn’t put the book down until I couldn’t keep my eyes open. sleep deprivation took over and I had to take a break. The story kept me interested throughout and from one page to the next, I wanted to know how the story would end and whether Annebelle would make the right choice. Plus, from the very start, I knew I was going to like Annebelle, who coincidentally is also my daughter’s name (Anabella). How can you not like Annabelle after that?!

This book reminded me about cherishing the simpler things in life, learn to recognize the extraordinary that is already in front of you rather looking for something that may not exist, and find value in a community who would be happy to help each other just for the simple gesture of helping without any expectations in return. I rather enjoyed Reaching Riverdale and recommend it to all those who’d like to just sit back, relax, and enjoy a good book.

TLT is calling out for submissions to our very first short story contest!! The TLT staff will choose the top 10 stories to be published in an anthology. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the book will go to support the relief efforts in Japan.


– Our theme is “new beginnings,” in honor of our charity. YOU choose the genre- horror, fantasy, romance, etc. We’re looking for creativity and unique incorporations of the theme.
– We are seeking original entries that are between 15 and 20 pages long. Double-spaced. Times New Roman. Include your contact information (name, email and mailing address), as well as a short autobiography. Make this fun- if your story is chosen for publication, your bio will also be printed. It should be no more than one paragraph (6-10 lines).
– Please submit a polished, final copy of your piece. Have family and friends edit your story, because all work will be published as is.Submissions should be written in a Word document and sent as an attachment to victoria@tltpublishing.com. Write “Short Story Contest” in the subject line.
– All entries will receive a TLT bookmark and will be notified when the winners have been selected.
– Contest runs until June 1st. Top stories will be selected by the TLT team by the middle of June.
– Author of the best story will have his or her story posted on TLT blog and will receive free autographed copies of every book we publish until the end of 2011.
– Authors of the top 10 stories will receive a complimentary copy of the anthology and recognition on the TLT website.
– Proceeds from the sale of the book will go to help fund the relief efforts in Japan. All content, upon submission, can be distributed and used for promotional purposes by TLT without author permission or compensation.

If you don’t know her, you should!  She’s Carrie Ryan, author of the fantastic zombie trilogy The Forest of Hands and Teeth

Her author signing was so much fun.  It was my first author signing ever and I really didn’t know what to expect.  I was hesitant about it and almost didn’t go but in the back of my mind, a voice kept shouting at me “Go Already, You won’t be sorry!” and I can tell you, I was far from sorry.

Carrie Ryan is a lovely, lovely person.  She’s not only smart, witty, funny, she’s also so so nice!  Do I sound like I’m gushing?  Because I was/am.  I sat there so nervous just being at her signing.  I don’t think she really noticed because I sat very still and just listened.  I’m a bit shy that way and I didn’t want to interrupt her introductions.  What I wanted to do was tell her how much I’ve loved her books, her writing, and especially the inspiration that it gives to those who find strife and then overcome them no matter what the obstacles or odds that are pitted against you.  But as I said, I just didn’t want to interrupt.  I hope that she knows after reading this (if she has a bit a time to read) that she is adored by me for her creativity and her enthusiasm for her books and her fellow fans/readers.

She brought her husband along who I had the pleasure of sitting very close to.  In her first book, she dedicated it to him and thanked him for giving her the world.  How can you possibly thank anyone who gives you the world and supports you through your books signings as well with such a big grin at that to show how awesomely proud he is of her.   I was able to sneak a picture of J.P. when he wasn’t looking….  (Sorry J.P. but you were so engrossed in your book I didn’t want to disturb you.)   I’m not sure what book he’s currently reading here but I have a sneaky suspicion that it is her latest book, the finale in The Forest of Hands and Teeth trilogy entitle The Dark and Hollow Places.  Aren’t these book titles great?  I learned that “J.P.”, Carrie’s husband is the one who comes up with them or so she says during her book signing montage.

Carrie Ryan is also very generous with other authors as well passionately advocating and promoting other authors on her book tour as well.  This brings me to two known authors: Sandra Mitchell and Holly Black.  Ms. Ryan brought along The Vespertine by Sandra Mitchell and Red Glove (White Cat’s  sequel) by Holly Black along as prize giveaways for her audience.  I was lucky enough to answer one of her trivia questions right – the question was how long before you should kill someone before they turn into a zombie after being infected, the answer is 10 days (I’m paraphrasing but this is the gist of the trivia question)  –  and had the fortune of picking up The Vespertine as my prize, which I held very close to my heart (literally) because I could hear and see the girl in front of my sigh in disappointment (sorry nice girl in the front seat) – and I say this with much adoration for fellow readers because I knew exactly how she felt even though I was the one who won the book.  I think I would have felt the same if it were her who won, but I’d also be happy for her as I knew she was happy for me too – respect between reader enthusiasts and bloggers is the best prize thus far after the love of books in my opinion.

Although The Dark and Hallow Places is the end to The Forest of Hands and Teeth trilogy, she did mention that she is currently working on a few other projects, of which she cannot just share yet because it is still in the works and set for release during the year 2012.  However, she did give us a preview of a project she is working on called “The Dream Mistress” (I think that I’m remembering the wrong title here…sorry about that) , a paranormal YA literature which describes a young girl in a village who goes out into the town at night and captures all the town peoples bad dreams so that they won’t suffer while she endures their melancholy herself and saves them from a life filled with sadness, suffering, or strife.  This sounds interesting already just from this brief description and I can’t wait until it is published.

Thank you Ms. Ryan for such a wonderful book signing and for giving us a glimpse into your literary life as well as what is to come in the future.  That voice inside my head was definitely right.  I wasn’t sorry, in fact, I was elated to have the opportunity to have been there at your Oceanside, CA book signing and look forward to many more of your books and future signings for those.

Cheers to Carrie Ryan!

p.s. If your publishers (I whole heartedly and firmly believe that they should) allow you to create more stories for The Forest of Hands and Teeth, I will be one of the first to go out and grab that story!












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Happy solving!




A beast. Not quite wolf or bear, gorilla or dog but a horrible new creature who walks upright—a creature with fangs and claws and hair springing from every pore. I am a monster.  You think I’m talking fairy tales? No way. The place is New York City. The time is now. It’s no deformity, no disease. And I’ll stay this way forever—ruined—unless I can break the spell.  Yes, the spell, the one the witch in my English class cast on me. Why did she turn me into a beast who hides by day and prowls by night? I’ll tell you. I’ll tell you how I used to be Kyle Kingsbury, the guy you wished you were, with money, perfect looks, and the perfect life. And then, I’ll tell you how I became perfectly . . . beastly.



I know what you are thinking.  I know it is the same story as before that was made by Disney.  Yes, I know and you know how it’s going to end.  But so what?!  Look.  I’ve got this thing for a story between a boy and a girl (in this case a beast and a girl) being starcrossed and defying all the odds in the end.  What can I say, I’m a romantic and whatever the odds the couple goes through, I still love it just the same, even if I already know the story line and despite knowing the outcome, I still love that kind of story.  If you argue that you already know the story, yes, you’re right, you do but who cares?  I don’t think we (meaning I and maybe you) could get enough of what is really at the heart of this story –> LOVE despite everything.  Who wouldn’t want that.  Alex Flinn puts her own twists on it.  It is not a cartoon.  It is not the inventor’s daughter and the guy is definitely not a prince.  But the story still draws you in like a moth to a flame and leaves you breathless in the end.  By the way, if you haven’t already heard or watched, this book became a movie and has one of the hottest British imports of today – Alex Pettyfer – and the High School Musicals cute ingenue – Vanessa Hudgens playing the lead.  Check out this book, read it.  You might be pleasantly surprised by it’s contents.  I promise that it will definitely leave you feeling good in the end.  Good Job Ms. Flinn for a nicely written remake of a classic story.  It’s why we pick it up and read it over and over again.  How could you ever put classic books down?!




If you are following The Forest of Hands and Teeth book series, it’s third book installment is out today!!!

Out at all major book store retailers.